"The more people understand what the world is facing today, the more harmony there is in sharing wisdom and energy. The more harmony there is, the more possibility for us to lead the world into a better place. That’s the world we believe in as a company With the World."



  •  To create a future in which countries work together to solve social issues across the world.

  •  To create and provide a fair, education environment free from economic disparity and international differences.


  •  Connecting Students Locally and Globally
  •   One of our goal is to create a network for students, both locally and internationally to connect with other communities and countries. The leaders we hope for them to become are ones who can think for THEMSELVES instead of thinking only at the government level. And see what the world is facing today, learn how to be effective and how to approach to each of those problems.

  •  Designing Programs
  •   Our services include us providing, managing and facilitating the programs which are designed just for your school. We offer a curriculum based on your intentions for the class, and arrange everything necessary for the exchange program with the most appropriate destination to study abroad, with a carefully selected school.

  •  Building International Relationships
  •   Through us, you will have more and better opportunities to get connected with schools overseas. Which will help your educational setting in the class more global and international.

Our mission is to support students improve their English skills, international communication skill, and problem-solving skill based on these three services above. The more they have the chance to practice, the more chance they’ll have to become the leaders with more practical skills.


THE NAME, “With The World”:

 We want each and one of us to solve problems together with the world; in unity, in harmony, and in peace. That’s our hope, and thus became our name.


 The message behind the logo represents our work (to solve problems with the world), along with our intentions to become the bridge between borders and people.


Our dream is to create an educational environment where every student can feel connected and tackle societies problems together.

Top Message

  One day when I was in university, I saw an ad about poverty on the train For me, someone who was raised in an extremely safe country as Japan, this information felt compelling. So I decided to gather tennis gear through donations on SNS then went to Southeast Asia as a tennis coach.

For about 5 months, I travelled around the area and saw these problems with my own eye. what I saw was totally different from anything I could have learn from textbooks and it left an impact on my life.

Currently all over the world, there are societal problems that are facing us and our next generations.

In a world where problem solving skills grow ever more important、we decided to start this program through educational facilities where young students can try to grasp the problems that are occurring in Japan and other countries around the world.

"What can we do."

In order to make every tomorrow a better day than today, we are working to build an environment in schools around the world where discussing problems with students over seas is normal

By doing this, we hope to build stronger relationships between countries and to contribute to the growth of the worlds leaders of the next generation.

Top Message
Top Profile


About Shunta Igarashi( worked in sales and In the start up of 6 projects for a human resource company)

  In university years, I was influenced by various ads and shows about other Japanese people working on educational programs and decided to experience it for myself, so I went to the Philippines. In order to meet the people I wanted to meet, I gathered about 100 tennis rackets on SNS, and as a private tennis coach, taught around 120 kids tennis while moving around different areas .During this time, i saw a serious problem with education systems as I interacted with kids that were not able to go to school but were very diligent in learning and had a lot of potential. Therefore, I decided to start a program where these educational problems as well as others could be tackled by the next generations of world leaders and this vision continues to drive me.

*New business development (2 restaurants・sporting event(50,000 customers)、music concert(700 customers)、working holiday program in Hyogo-ken, start-up of overseas think tank division)



Shunta Igarashi

CEO / GM / Facilitator

Nationality: Japan

Christhoper Sedana Widhi Sumichan (Chris)

COO / IT / Producer / Facilitator

Nationality: Indonesia

Fransiska Natalia (Siska)

Project Manager / Facilitator

Nationality: Indonesia


Company Name With The World, Inc.
Founded April 2, 2018
Capital 3,000,000 yen
Business Description Skill Training Program for Social Problem-Solving
Student Exchange Program
Headquarters SUNPAL bldg 6F 5-3-1 Kumoido-ri,Chuo-ku,Kobe-shi,Hyogo,Japan
Executive Board CEO Shunta Igarashi
COO Christhoper Sumichan
Fiscal Year End March 31
Our Bank Japan Finance Corporation (JFC)

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